How to Become a Cameraman - Gear a Cameraman / DOP should always have

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Published: 24th November 2010
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What should a Cameraman carry in their 'Run Bag'?

A 'Run Bag' is the Cameraman's bag of essential tools. It should go everywhere the Shooter goes and never leave his side. A Professional Cameraman is defined by the Tools he carries. There are over 50 run bag essentials and to be a successful cameraman you should always be fully prepared with the right gear. Start building up your own run bag now, 9 items you should always carry are:

1. Multi-Purpose Tool Should include pliers, and scissors for cutting gels

2. Black Gaffer Tape Should be matt and 2inch wide. Good for fixing almost anything and taping down cables. Being matt helps reduce the reflection from lights (if in frame).

3. One inch White Camera Tape Good for setting marks for talent, labeling up boxes and equipment

4. Black sharpie pen For labeling up equipment

5. Velcro Cable Ties Use these for your own personal cables. These will keep all your cables neat and tidy and easily identifiable. You can reuse them over and over.

6. Lens Cloth Essential for keeping your lens clean. Keep this handy at all times and don't use it for anything else.

7. Clear Foundation Powder When the budget doesn't stretch to a professional Makeup artist, transparent powder is the life saver ensuring your contributors / talent don't look shiny. Production will love you for it!

8. Mini Clapper board To sync sound, especially when you are working with a HDSLR camera and recording sound separately.

9. Varying BNC adaptors These will continuously get you out of trouble.

Why should a cameraman also carry a transparent pencil case, a shower cap and a pair of tights?!

To become a successful Cameraman and to find out what else you need in your run bag, go to for instant access to your Cameraman Guides. If you are serious about becoming a Cameraman then download your guides today for a diverse and amazing career.

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Harvey Glen is a professional Director of Photography (DOP) with over 10 years experience shooting commercials, documentaries, music videos, channel idents, brand films and drama.

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